Sell out your high-ticket offer and hit consistent 5-figure months without complicating your marketing process (so that you can scale with SIMPLICITY).

If you're an expert who wants to attract high-ticket clients while GETTING RID of overwhelm for good, this is for you.

You have a passion and expertise to share with the world, and you know that you can impact many lives with your work.

You’re a badass when it comes to your expertise and your clients’ testimonials are proof of it.

However, you’re struggling to stand out as the leading expert in your niche.

You’ve realized that you need consistent traffic and an effective marketing strategy for your ideal clients to notice you and convert into paying clients.

You want to stand out with authenticity as an expert and connect with your ideal clients on a deeper level, so that you only attract empowered dream clients who are a perfect match.


• You’re already an expert, but you don’t know how to communicate that through your content.

• You’re making money from referrals and now you want to scale bigger with consistency and predictability.

• You’re working with some clients but you’re not sure how to convert most prospects to sign up for your programs, leaving you constantly worried about hitting your launch goals.

• You’re using social media but you’re not sure how to stay ahead of the competition without being drowned by the noise.

• You’re attracting your non-ideal clients who show up on the sales calls, who are not ready to invest.

• You’ve invested in courses and masterminds, but you’re not getting the individualized support that you’re craving to start attracting more of your dream clients with ease.

If that's not all (because it probably isn't)...

Launching the traditional way is overwhelming.

As a coach, expert, or business owner, you VALUE your time.

Yet, you seem to be overwhelmed with marketing when it comes to scaling your business. 

You want to build a thriving coaching business beyond 5-figure months without adding more to your plate.

Honestly, you started your journey as an expert to create more freedom and fulfilment in your life.

To be able to do what you love with passion, without drowning in a sea of endless tasks.

So that you can start experiencing the following:

✅ Getting fully booked with pre-qualified clients who are ready to invest in your high-ticket offer.

✅ Reduce as much resistance as possible so you get little to no objections on the sales call.

✅ Giving your ideal clients the dedicated support that they deserve because you're not busy doing all the things.

✅ Focusing on the revenue-generating activities that actually move the business in the right direction.

✅ Getting rid of overwhelm (shucks, I said it again) so that you know you are hitting your revenue goals while having peace of mind.

✅ Having more time to breathe so that you can spend the day off with your partner or kids, without worrying about your business or launch crumbling.

✅ Going for that luxury self-care treatment that you promised yourself that you would when you hit your next milestone.

✅ Accelerate growth by eliminating strategies that are not moving the needle and focus on that 20% that produces 80% of your results.

It's time to get to the elevated version of you without:

❌ Multiple lead magnets

❌ A large email list

❌ Multiple offers

❌ Complicated funnels

❌ Facebook ads

❌ 45-minute webinars

❌ Podcasts 

❌ Being on every social media platform

I could go on and on...

The whole idea is to SIMPLIFY and ACCELERATE growth.

You know the next level is available for you. 

Your big vision belongs to you, but you're not quite sure how to get there yet. 

You see, I was once in your shoes.

I was once overwhelmed and fully booked with my non-ideal clients, and there was no way for me to scale my business without burnout. 

Let me reveal the truth...

I believe that you deserve to get paid for the soulful passion and effort that you put into your business.

It’s not okay to leave money lying on the table with your brilliance going unseen.

I’ve been there and I’ve felt like I was undervalued in a saturated industry.

After 10 years or trying and failing in various business ventures, I’ve successfully quit my job 4 years ago.

Since then, I’ve built a strong personal brand that has enabled me to monetize from my online influence, and have worked with over hundreds of brands.

I’ve managed to DOUBLE my income multiple times to hit 5-Figure months, and have been featured on Forbes, Money FM, and have worked with 7-figure coaches.

Imagine being able to attract your dream clients and hook them in the moment they view your feed because they are captivated by your content.

Imagine being able to build a strong personal brand and be the one that your ideal clients choose as the TOP choice.

Imagine having an organic lead generation machine that's working 24/7 for you, while you focus on showing up for your sales calls, without the use of ads, expensive software, or spending hours on social media hunting for your next client.

Imagine waking up filled with purpose and passion that has been reignited as you embrace the fulfilment of your work without having to worry where the next sale is coming from.

Imagine having a sales process that eliminates overwhelm because you have systems and automation (without compromising personalization, authenticity, and cashflow) working for you.

You can choose to stop imagining this by turning it into REALITY.

This reality is possible after you sign up for the 6-Figure Remote Coaching program.

Here are results that my clients are celebrating from working with me!

Scarlet Vincent

Scarlet Vincent is a High Ticket Marketing Coach and Social Media Expert. She has been featured alongside 6-figure entrepreneurs and worked with 7-figure coaches. She has appeared on Forbes, Money FM, The Impact Igniter Summit, and The Dream Mentorship podcast.

She has grown her Instagram following to over 50K+ organically, a Facebook community of over 10K members, and worked with hundreds of brands including Coca Cola, Rimmel London, Burger King, and many more.